kaylaruffalo asked:

In the 1996 movie "Doctor Who" the Doctor says that he's actually part human. Was there any other evidence to support the claim? And was the claim true?

To the best of my knowledge there is no other evidence to support the claim. Most fans consider it an error and consider the Doctor to be fully Time Lord.

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Anonymous asked:

Why did the universe go back to normal if River Song wasn't actually kissing the Doctor but really just kissing the Teselector in "The Wedding of River Song"?

This is only a theory but perhaps the effect was only dependent on being in close proximity rather than direct contact.

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geeky-cas asked:

What is your favorite new DW episode? Favorite old DW episode? And then your altime favorite?

Favorite New Who episode: The Doctor’s Wife

Favorite Classic Who episode (Intact): Pyramids of Mars

Current overall favorite: The Time Meddler

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Anonymous asked:

seems to me in the original series, the Doctor only had 11 regenerations and that the Master was the last one gone insane. do i remember this wrong?

Time Lords have 12 regenerations, 13 lives.

The Master is an entirely different Time Lord. He was near the end of his 12th life when he first appears in the classic series. Near the end of the Doctor’s 4th life the Master, in his decaying 13th body, steals a body from a Traken noble. Later the Time Lord High Council offers him a deal, help the Doctor and receive a completely new regeneration cycle. This suggests that the regeneration limit is, or was controlled by the High Council.

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Vote: Who’s the Greatest ‘Woman of Doctor Who’ Ever? | Anglophenia

Anglo’s ‘Greatest Woman of Doctor Who Ever’ is down to two finalists — Rose vs Sarah Jane Smith:

Blonde/brunette, modern/classic, shop assistant/roving reporter – the differences between Rose Tyler and Sarah Jane Smith abound. But for many reasons, they are the two companions to which all others must be compared: Sarah Jane for creating the template that all succeeding companions have followed, and Rose for successfully ushering viewers into a brand-new era of the series. In short, Doctor Who as we know it today would not exist without these two women. But who is the greatest ever?

Voting ends Saturday, August 11 at 12 pm ET.

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The fact that there are baby Weeping Angels implies that there are teenage Weeping Angels going through a moody phase. You know, before they settle down emotionally and become the mature, together adult Weeping Angels we know and are mortally afraid of.

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The Ponds’ Final Episodes

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Kinda gives you chills when you see on the clock that there’s less than twenty seconds until the first ever recording of Doctor Who began. History. Take one, Doctor Who.

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